Can't add songs to your cart?

Since we updated our site some returning customers are having trouble adding songs to their cart.  We are sorry for this inconvenience but there is a simple fix.

The problem is related to old Cookies which have to be cleaned out before the cart will work properly again.

How to fix this problem: (Windows Users)

  1. You may want to print this page because the first thing you will need to do is close this browser  program.  (If you remain browsing the internet the fix will not work)

  2. Once the browser is closed go to the control panel and open "Internet Options". 

  3. Then in the first tab "General" you should see a section on "Browsing History". In that section you should see a delete button.  Click delete - then you should see a list of items that can be deleted.  Choose and delete "Cookies"

  4. Close the control panel now and restart your browser.   Now the shopping cart at our site should work again.

Background about this problem.

Cookies are useful files that are placed on your computer by web sites that help the web sites to remember who you are and what your choices are at various sites.  Most sites (like ours) use cookies to enhance the functionality of the site for the users benefit.  

Is deleting Cookies OK?   Yes, it's no big deal.  When you go back to your favourite sites fresh Cookies will be placed anyway, so deleting them is OK.

Our shopping cart problem is caused by old Cookies that were left on your computer by our previous web site. (Our site has been totally updated end of May 2009).  Our new web site is being confused by some old Cookies and the best solution is to delete them so you can start afresh.

We found that trying to delete Cookies with the web browser still running was not working - we think because the Cookies that were actively engaged were not deleting. So we found the effective solution was to close all instances of the browser, and then delete Cookies using the internet options in the control panel  (Windows users)

Mac Users need to apply a similar principle.  If your cart is misbehaving or your currency selector won't remember changes you make, then you need to clear Cookies - found in the clear private data section of browser settings.