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Sound Modules Interfaces Software Sequencing Notation

Here are some neat software and hardware solutions to maximise your music making pleasure.

Please note! This page will be growing regularly as we add more products.

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Order Code Sound Modules, Connectors and Interfaces


(Australians add GST)

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MBlaster 2 Midi, MP3 player Sound Module

That's right! The MBlaster 2 connected to your computer via USB is a MIDI sound module.  It is also an excellent MIDI player, and MP3 player, storing your songs and tracks on convenient CF (Compact Flash) memory cards.

USD $999

GBP 570

EUR 799

AUD $1359*


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T-BOX  USB MIDI Interface  16 channels in and out

Compatible with XP, 2000,Mac  OSX

Suitable for users who want to connect midi devices to a computer that has an available USB port. Comes with 2 standard MIDI cables as well, to complete your hook up.

USD $49

GBP 29

EUR 39

AUD $69*

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Tbox USB MIDI Interface


Order Code Convert MIDI files to Wave - to burn your own CDs


(Australians add GST)

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Roland Virtual Sound Canvas for Windows or Mac

This software application allows you to take MIDI files and customize them to suite your taste. Use the playback list function to store and retrieve your compositions. Export your finished files into popular multi-media applications as .WAV for burning to CD.


16 parts, up to 128-voice polyphony
902 tones plus 26 drum sets
Reverb, chorus and delay effects
MIDI to WAV/AIFF file conversion
Over 100 royalty-free MIDI file songs included
Win/Mac compatible

USD $74

GBP 47

EUR 74

AUD $135*


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VSC-MP1 Converts midi files to wav for burning Audio CDs


Order Code MIDI Controller Keyboards


(Australians add GST)

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USB Real & Step Time MIDI Controller Keyboard

USB midi keyboard controller. Perfect for note entry into music notation software such as Finale, Sibelius, Printmusic, Overture, Allegro. Can also be used for step time or real time entry into midi sequencing software such as Cubase, Cakewalk and others. (keys are not velocity sensitive).


37 full sized keys
Convenient buttons for Octave up, down or reset
Select Midi transmit channel
Send Midi program changes with ease
No external power needed - powered by USB
Comes with zip up carry pouch and USB cable

USD $135

GBP 75

EUR 99

AUD $179*


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Space saving design


Order Code Software for Playing and Editing MIDI files 


(Australians add GST)

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The Sweet MIDI Player

The most amazingly easy way to change the mix, tempo or key of a standard MIDI file.  Even change instruments, panning, reverb and chorus effect.  It's asimple as operating a basic mixer - and when you're finished making the changes you just save the file - and that's it!   This software is the most useful tool you'll ever buy for such a small investment.

Available for Windows or Macintosh - including OSX

USD $20

GBP 15

EUR 20

AUD $40*




Midi Editing Software The Sweet MIDI Player





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