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MIDI Players

MIDI file players are great for live performance - say for solo or duo, or rehearsing at home, or for singing or dancing studios.  The advantage of playing Midi files with a midi file player is that you can easily change key or tempo.  The players we feature here also have the ability to transfer midi songs from your computer and then store them on convenient Compact Flash CF cards.


The Megabeat 2 also plays MP3 files - and can even alter the tempo or pitch independently. 

The ability to Play MP3s also means this unit can play your break music - which could be conveniently accessed by the playlist function.



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Megabeat 2



 Megabeat 2



    by ESS

  Plays both MIDI Files & MP3s
  About the Megabeat2
 File Storage  
USB Plug and Play

CF Card

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  Megabeat2 stores midifiles and MP3s on CF (compact Flash) Card - up to 16 GB (uses FAT32)
Files are transferred to the CF card by providied E-Link Software (for Windows)
 MBlaster Connections  


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