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Maybe your question is answered here!

1.  How to find songs

2.  How to review your selections

3.  Paying for your midi files by secure online transaction

4.  Downloading Your MIDI Files

5.  How to contact us if there is a problem


1. How to find songs

Type a word into the Title or into the Artist search window.  The windows are on the left and look like this.

Help Search Example

When searching for title or artist choose a key word and don't type too much. e.g. Typing Presley will get all of Presley, but if you type Elvis Presley you will miss out where the artist is listed as Presley, Elvis.

After typing in the word click on the Search button.  You will see a list of songs.  Some of the song titles are underlined. This means that you can click the title to play a short MIDI File demo of the song.  This will help you decide if it's the right song.  There are demos available for over 15,000 of our files, and we are adding more each month.

Click in the check box if you want to buy a song. (Don't worry, you can remove it later if you change your mind!).  Now go ahead and search for more songs you're interested in - adding your choices to your shopping cart in this way.

Song Lyrics = Click this symbol to preview the lyrics of the song.  When you have finished you should click the "back" arrow on your browser to return to your search page.

Song Lyrics = This symbol indicates that Karaoke lyrics are imbedded in this midi file.  If you have a keyboard or device that display these scrolling lyrics then these K files should be of interest to you.  We can't guarantee that supplied or imbedded lyrics will always be correct or indeed match the arrangement perfectly.  Generally speaking, they are mostly correct.


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2. How to review your selections

Click on the tab that says "View Cart / Check out".  Now you can see a list of the songs you've selected.  If you want to remove any selections from your cart then click on "Remove" in the "Remove from cart" column.

If you want to explore and maybe add more songs then just go to the search area on the left and continue searching and shopping as before.

If you're happy with your selection and you want to "Check out" (like in the supermarket) then click where it says Click Here to Check out.


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3. Paying for your order by secure online transaction

Make sure you have reviewed your selection as in 2 above, then clicked on the Click here to Check Out link

Now fill in your name and address details.  This is a serious requirement as you are about to ask us to honour a credit card transaction

There is also a field for putting in an E-mail address.  Carefully type the e-mail address to which your midi files and e-mail receipt will be sent.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Email Addresses for delivery of orders.

We have 2 different email addresses that deliver midi files to customers.  Sometimes, for reasons unknown, our delivering email addresses might be thought of as "junk" or "spam" deliverers to your email account, and your email program "protects you" and puts the delivery straight into the junk or spam folder.  To prevent this happening, put our delivering email addresses into your contacts list, (or if you know how, make sure they're not on your junk / spam list).  Putting these addresses into your contacts should do the trick.  They are  info@midiking.com   and  rhythmic@ausmidi.com    

Now click on "Confirm Your Order".  Our web site will check to see if you've left out any important information.  If you did leave something out the a message in red letters will alert you.  Then you can fill in the missing details and press "Confirm your order" again.

When you reach the payment page you can be sure you are in a secure area - and no other internet user can see or interpret any card details you are entering.

When entering card numbers please be careful to enter only numbers.  This means NO SPACES or other characters in between numbers.  eg  1234  4567   is no good.  It should be 1234567   Entry of spaces will cause the transaction to be cancelled and the order will not be processed.


What's the CVN number?   If you have a visa or master card, there should be a signature strip on the back of the card.  The last 3 digits  printed on this strip are the CVN number.  You are asked to submit those numbers to prove that you have the card present at the time of ordering.  The CVN offers better security for all.

Once all is entered and you "Click here to buy now"  please only click the button once then wait.  Be patient as the transaction may take 20 or more seconds.  Clicking on other buttons or the "back" button before you see a confirmation message will almost certainly disrupt the transaction and may result in the failure of your order.

Once you see a confirmation message and you are returned to our site you know the transaction is complete.  Now you can check your e-mail and you should receive your receipt / confirmation e-mail.


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4. Downloading your midi files

Many of the midi files on our site are available for download moments after your payment has processed successfully.  More than 20,000 files are set up to be delivered this way. 


Due to the many pitfalls of delivering files by email we have finally changed our site so that your files can be downloaded.  This means that your delivery won't get caught up in spam filters and firewalls.  Instead, you will be able to easily download your files and save them to any folder on your computer - or even on to a floppy disc - for use in a playback device.


When your order is complete you will see a message that says your files can be downloaded from a link.  Also, you will receive an email receipt which also has the download link.


If either of those fail - then there is a link on the right side of our home page.  And if you still can't find it - here is a link to our delivery centre.

Download you orders from   >>> File Collection HERE <<<


Please Note!  There is a menu at the collection point page if you need Help.  Just look to the right of the page.


TIP!  To download your files -  Windows users "Right Click" and chose "Save Target As.."

and Mac Users - hold down control and click, then chose Save Link as..


What about files that say 1 - 2 days delivery   What does that mean?

Not all of our files can be available immediately.  These others have to be processed and uploaded manually by someone working in our office.  This process usually happens 2 or 3 times in a working day. So, if you ordered one of the 1 - 2 day delivery files (GExxxxxx) on a Tuesday morning, don't be surprised if it's available and hour or two later.  If however you ordered it on a Friday night, then your GE file might not get uploaded until Monday morning - the next time the office is open.


Things to keep in mind.

We are in Sydney - Australia.


We don't work on weekends - hence we use the terms "Business days" - Monday to Friday, and occasionally there can be public holidays in NSW - these don't count as business days.


So - if your file isn't ready yet, then come back later (according to the above guide) and you will see that is becomes available soon.



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5. How to contact us if there is a problem

This midi file sales area is administered in Australia by Ausmidi Pty Ltd. (even though you may be browsing at a dealers site - signified by the banner at the top of your browser.)

Credit Card transactions will be calculated from the currency you have chosen, and will be charged in equivilant AUD Australian dollars by Ausmidi. 

We can be contacted by e-mail by sending a mail to rhythmic@ausmidi.com


To phone us within Australia call 1300 274 642   9:30 to 5:30 Monday to Friday


To Phone from Outside Australia

Dial your international dial out code then 61 1300 274642   Australian Eastern time.


The date and time in Sydney is now 2021-09-25 07:55:02 


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